Customization of Crystal Crafts

Material: White Crystal
Manufacturing process: sculpture
Category: Crystal pendulum
Material Source: Artificial
Surface technology: polishing
Pendulum hanging form: pendulum
Add LOGO: Yes.

Pentagon Crystal Medal

Material: White Crystal
Manufacturing process: grinding
Category: Cup
Material Source: Artificial
Surface technology: sandblasting
Pendulum hanging form: pendulum
Style: Chinese style
Modeling: Abstract
Packaging: carton packaging
Dimensions: 230mm, 250mm, 270mm
Purity: K9

Customization of Advertising Board

Advertising Writing Pad Series
Features: Advertising range is wide, economical and
Printing: Dual-sided four-color UV printing
Material: Grade A PP plastics
Thickness: 60 + 2 wire (0.6mm)
Conventional size: 14.5*21 18*25 and other sizes, size
can be customized

Customization of 0.5MM erasable pen

Main uses: office and stationery
Model: KC-1307
Is it erasable: Yes
Add LOGO: Yes.
Processing customization: Yes
Pen Body: 139*8.5*8.5
Net weight: 10.8g
Core color: blue, black, red
Pen: 0.5mm

PP Folder Customization

Material: leather
Specifications: A4
Type: long jacket
Fixture size: 8cm
Sheet thickness: 20 (mm)
Back width: 1.5 cm (mm)
Applicable paper size: 31*22
Dimension (width x length): 31.5*23 (mm)
Colour: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black

Customization of Couple Ceramic Cup

Weight: 0.7kg
Cup accessories: cup, wooden lid, spoon (spoon about 18 cm long)
Colour: white (with lid and spoon), black (with lid and spoon), white (single cup)
Black (single cup), wooden cup cover, ceramic cup cover, ceramic spoon
Capacity: 420ml
Material: Ceramic Cup Cover Log

Customization of Big Belly Thermal Cup

Popular Element: Cartoon
Applicable population: children
Applicable Scenario: Daily Gifts
Applicable space: outdoor
Style: Korean style
Capacity: 200ml-400ml
Material: stainless steel
Cup Style: Big Belly Cup
Usage: Insulation Cup
Cup volume: 260ml, 350ml, 500ml
Heat preservation performance description: heat
preservation for 10 hours
Color classification: 260m panda 260m rabbit

Customization of Retro Ceramic Cup

Function: High temperature resistance
Number: Retro Cup
Add LOGO: Yes.
Structure: single layer
Patterns: Pure colour
Microwave oven: available
Shape: Round
Packing: carton
Suit: Single cup
Packaging Specification: Individual
Processing customization: Yes
Dimension (height, caliber): 7cm/8cm
Do you support customization?
Capacity: 101-200 ml

Customization of Business Thermal Cup

Size: 20*7.2CM
Capacity: 450ML
Weight: 350G
Colour: Black stainless steel sapphire blue
Inner liner material: 304 stainless steel
Shell Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Plastic Material: PP (Food Grade Material)
Caliber: 6.3CM
Insulation time: 12H

Customization of Animal Ceramic Water Cup

Name: Hand-painted Animal Cup
Material: Ceramics
Color: 20
Capacity: about 400 ML
Specification: cup mouth diameter about 9 cm; cup bottom
6 cm; height about 11 cm
Packaging: Independent gift box packaging

Office Cup

Size: 16*8.5CM
Colour: Champagne gold, glamour purple, light luxury
Capacity: 500ml
Usage: Insulation Cup
Cup Style: Handle
Insulation time: 7H

Children’s Glass

Colour: Red,Green, Blue, Pink
Capacity: 300ml
Dimension (height, caliber) height: 13cm caliber 5.5cm
Shape: Round
Material: Heat-resistant glass
Number: One