Ceramic City Cup Customization

Product net weight: 0.5 kg
Dimensions (height, caliber): 13.6*9.7
Capacity: 420ml
Color: Paris, Symphony London, Symphony Rome, Symphony Shanghai, Symphony
Sydney, Real Egypt, Real Paris, Real Beijing, Real London, Real Sydney

Sports space cup customization

Product Type: Plastic Cup
Style: Creative
Function: Environmental protection
Printed LOGO: Yes
Color: purple, green, blue, mixed color, pink, gray
Capacity: 400ml matte, 560ml matte, 850ml matte

Car ceramic cup customization

Product net weight: 0.45 kg
Color: black, red, green, sky blue, sea blue
Capacity: 330ml
Specifications: caliber is about 8.5cm, cup height is about 12.5cm

Simple mug customization

Product Category: Mug
Style: simple
Function: High temperature resistance
Printed LOGO: Yes
Structure: single layer
Weight: 0.35Kg
Specifications: Caliber: 9.5CM Height: 9.0CM
Capacity: 410ML

Scrub sports cup custom

Product type : Frosted Cup
Style: Sports
Function: Sealed and leakproof
Printed LOGO: Yes
Capacity: 850-1050ml
Applicable places: outdoor, office, home

Glass customization

Capacity: 401-500ml
Dimensions (height, caliber): 189mm high, 53mm
Packing: color box
Color: red, blue, black, pink

Milk ceramic cup custom

Material: Ceramic
Capacity: small 250ml large 450ml
Weight: Small 300g Large 400g
Size: small
Upper caliber 6cm lower caliber 7cm high 10.5cm
Upper caliber 6.7cm lower caliber 8cm high 12.5cm
Color style: cow, smile, cow pattern

Retro Pirate Bandage Notebook Customization

Cover material: imitation leather
Specifications: Customizable
Binding: loose leaf
Text material: kraft paper
Weight of internal paper: small 173g medium 294g large 413g(g)
Text paper size: small inside page 8.2 *12.3CM medium size 10.5 *16.9CM large size 14.2*20.7CM
Print LOGO: Yes
Customization: Yes
Cover color: red, green, black, dark blue, brown, coffee, kraft paper blank, fluorescent yellow

Retro hand book customization

Cover material: imitation leather
Binding: loose leaf
Text material: paper
Weight of internal paper: 80(g)
Text Paper Size: 17.5*10
Cover Color: Red, Blue, Black, Light Green, Light Brown
Size: 200*115*17mm
Material: 80g forest paper

Customization of meeting minute book

Cover material: imitation leather
Specification: A4
Binding: loose leaf
Text material: forest paper
Weight of internal paper: 100(g)
Text Paper Size: A4
Cover Color: Black, Yellow Brown, Red Brown, Dark Blue
Number of pages in the text: 90 (sheets)
Size: 320*240mm
Material: double color PU leather

PU notebook customization

Cover material: PU
Text material: forest paper
Weight of internal paper: 80(g)
Text paper size: 140mm*210mm
Cover Color: Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange
Number of pages in the text: 100 sheets and 200 sheets (sheets)