Stainless steel insulating cup

Material: Inner 304 and Outer 201
Processing customization: Yes
Insulation performance: 6-12 hours
Style: Cartoon
Style: Bullet
Colour: white, black, gold, blue, green, black, white, Pink
Capacity: 500ml, 350m


1.One-cup Dual-purpose Design

Hand cup cover cup dual-purpose, hand-held design can be directly drinkable, food grade PP material, safe and non-toxic, no odor, safe to drink.

2.Multilayer Seal Ring Inner Cover

Food-grade material is selected for sealing and insulation, and internal thread coil is used to prevent leakage and lock water. It is safe, non-toxic and healthy to drink water.

3.Leakage-proof design of inner cover

New upgrade built-in silica gel leak-proof shake at will not leak, with function witness cute upgrade design humanized portable handheld design, wear-resistant scratch, cup cap and cup dual-purpose, easy to carry.