Office Cup

Size: 16*8.5CM
Colour: Champagne gold, glamour purple, light luxury
Capacity: 500ml
Usage: Insulation Cup
Cup Style: Handle
Insulation time: 7H


1.Antibacterial 304 inner gallbladder

304 Stainless Steel Material Super-strong Suo Wen German .Process for Making Best Antibacterial and Corrosion
Resistant Drinking Water Healthier.

2.Round smooth cup mouth

German special process for smoother and smoother contact with the lips, smoother drinking water, smoother without
the lips.

3.Comfortable and durable handle

The handle is made of durable PP plastic material with humanized design to make it more comfortable to handle.

4.Food grade PP cup cover

360 Degree Vacuum Water Locking Temperature of PP .Leakage-proof Silica Gel Ring in Austenitic Precision Steel Cover.

5.304 delicate tea compartment

Superfine filter screen shows texture. It is more convenient to separate drinking water from drinking tea.