Children’s Glass

Colour: Red,Green, Blue, Pink
Capacity: 300ml
Dimension (height, caliber) height: 13cm caliber 5.5cm
Shape: Round
Material: Heat-resistant glass
Number: One


1.Safer and Healthier Double-Layer Insulation Design

The inner high borosilicate glass material guarantees the water quality in the water cup to be clear and clean
Fall-proof material for outer food, no contact with drinking water, heat insulation and fall-proof.

2.The whole cup is removable.Easy cleaning of bacteria in every corner, no place to hide.The inner shell of professional disassembly tool can be easily disassembled with cup.

3.Innovative sliding cover for concealed suction nozzle design.Easy Reaction Cup Cover Top Switch Suction Pipe Ejection.Use safety to teach pleasure.