Graphic design and printing

We provide first class service from design, printing to processing. Brochures
and samples can be produced according to customer requirements.

We can also provide suitable design and production solutions based on the
customer’s target price.

Large format inkjet photo – design and production

Large format inkjet photo is a very good outdoor advertising tool, a form of billboard printing on large format inkjet printers.

Photo inkjet is mainly used for indoor and outdoor background advertisements, information banners, large-scale architectural banners, street banners, etc. It can be made into various shapes and various shapes because it can be spliced and combined with each other. PVC banners are very flexible, portable and inexpensive, so this is a material that is usually accepted by everyone.

Plexiglass table sign customization

Material: plexiglass
Production process: grinding
Category: Table sign (vertical), other
Surface technology: polishing
Hanging form: decoration
Style: simple and modern
Styling: Taiwan sign (vertical), other
Packing: PP bag is packed separately
Specifications: 11*21cm
Printed LOGO: Yes

Hip hop hat customization

2 slots: SD/MMC + Micro SD/T-flash
-USB 3.0 interface voor PC, en Mirco usb-poort voor de smartphone.
-LED indicator voor werken status
-ingebouwde Mirco sd-kaartsleuf

kaart Compatibiliteit
-SD slot: SDXC/UHS-I SD/SDHC/SD/Extreme SD/Extreme III SD/Ultra II SD/MMC (mini SD/mini SDHC/RS-MMC/HS RS MMC kan nodig een adapter)
-Micro SD (TF) slot: Micro SDXC/Micro SDHC/Micro SD
systeem Eisen
* Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
* Mac OS 9 en boven
* Linux: Moderne kernel 2.x & 3.x gebaseerd distributies met Usb-massaopslag ondersteuning

Plastic clap custom

Product Name: Hand-made plastic toys
Product material: environmentally friendly new plastic
Product size: about 28CM* width 14CM* thick 2CM, 55g / only
Color: such as physical map, color combination of powder / yellow / blue / green
Product net weight: about 60g

PE balloon customization

Material: PE environmental protection material, other
Process: Printing
Custom processing: Yes
Item type: PE balloon
Printed LOGO: Yes
Size: 50*45cm
Thickness: PE*0.07MM
Certification test: Tested by EN71

Car character soft plastic keychain custom

Styling: Doll
Pendant material: rubber
Packaging: Individually packed
Printed LOGO: Yes
Custom processing: Yes
Material: PVC soft rubber
Color: color
Specifications: 10CM
Hanging form: hanging ornaments
Production method: semi-manual semi-mechanical

White cardboard tote

Custom processing: Yes
Material: Various paper customization
Packing level: sales packaging / terminal packaging
Uses: Universal packaging
Model: Various
Color: white card
Paper bag shape: square bottom bag
Process: Offset printing
Applicable gifts occasions: opening ceremony, birthday, awards commemorative, wedding, advertising promotion, business gifts, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, trade fairs, festivals, employee benefits, housewarming

T-type acrylic card

Name: T-type acrylic card
Material: Acrylic
Thickness: panel thickness 2mm
Specifications: A5 A4
Application: Corporate Meeting Office Hotel Instructions

Poster frame customization

material: metal
Type: single-sided, double-sided
Uses: Display equipment
Screen size: 60*90 90*120 (cm)
Color: silver
Weight: 2 (kg)
Process: Assembly

Door display rack customization

Model: To map custom
material: metal
Type: Door type hanging easel
Uses: Advertising, exhibition display
Screen size: 80x180cm (cm)
color: White
Weight: 3 (kg)
Process: Assembly
Material: frame Chassis iron paint

Apollo umbrella customization

Umbrella cloth material: plastic eva transparent material
Umbrella cloth rubberized: none
Umbrella cloth density: 8 silk
Umbrella bone material: steel skeleton+carbon fiber material
Medium rod material: iron
Umbrella handle material: plastic
Number of ribs: 8 ribs
Opening mode: automatic
Umbrella collection mode: automatic
Style: long handle umbrella
Print LOGO: Yes

Advertising light box customization

Size: A3 screen row (cm)
Material: Acrylic
shape: rectangle
Power consumption: 2.5 (w)
Process: Assembly
Useful years: 3-5
Specification A3 screen: 3 consecutive rows (length 99X45 high), A3 screen 4 rows (132 long X45 high)
Product net weight: 15.0 kg
Product volume: 142.0 cm * 55.0 cm * 15.0 cm

High-end business card design

Weight: 0.35KG
Size: 90*54mm
Material: hard paper card
Printing: gravure printing, embossing, color printing,
Customization: high-end private customization
Process: double-sided color printing, double-sided sub-film coating,

Gift small banner custom

Material: Chun Yafang
Process: Digital Thermal Transfer
Custom processing: Yes
Banner type: Gift flag
Flag fabric: warp knitted fabric
Flagpole material: see packaging
Shape: Variety
Color: Customizable
Printed LOGO: Yes
Product size: 20*30 25*35 30*40 35*45cm