PVC card customization

VIP membership card custom metal card custom hollow card high-grade VIP card metal business card making shaped carat card black card custom pvc magnetic strip barber shop beauty salon hotel fitness card

Custom gift card USB flash drive

We have 128MB / 256MB / 512MB / 1G / 2G / 4G / 8G / 16G / 32G / 64G optional,
If you want other capacity, you can contact our service sales for help, thank you
If you want to order company and wedding photography, graduation ceremonies, concerts and corporate promotional gifts, etc., you can contact our service sales for exclusive help.
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Product packaging design

Packaging design has the marketing effect of establishing brand awareness, that is, using packaging design to present brand information, establishing brand recognition, enabling consumers to know the brand name and brand attributes of the product, and then establishing a brand image. In the framework of brand knowledge, the packaging of products is also regarded as one of the sources of brand image association.
It is understood that the brand image is mainly composed of the image of the manufacturer, the image of the user, the image of the product itself and the personality image of the brand itself. The packaging visual design should be able to convey the brand message of these four, which is the complete composition of the brand image.

Corporate identity card

Whether your company is a micro-enterprise/small business or a large enterprise, you need a beautiful corporate identity tag.

This is the first impression that a customer has come to your company and an important indicator of your company’s brand image.

High-end business card design

Weight: 0.35KG
Size: 90*54mm
Material: hard paper card
Printing: gravure printing, embossing, color printing,
Customization: high-end private customization
Process: double-sided color printing, double-sided sub-film coating,

Large format inkjet photo – design and production

Large format inkjet photo is a very good outdoor advertising tool, a form of billboard printing on large format inkjet printers.

Photo inkjet is mainly used for indoor and outdoor background advertisements, information banners, large-scale architectural banners, street banners, etc. It can be made into various shapes and various shapes because it can be spliced and combined with each other. PVC banners are very flexible, portable and inexpensive, so this is a material that is usually accepted by everyone.

Graphic design & Printing – Qingdao Shandong

We provide first-class services from design, printing to processing. We can make brochures and samples according to customers’requirements.

We can also provide suitable design and production plan according to the target price of customers.